Friday, 13 December 2013

December 13, 2013

"You’re Gonna Miss This"

This is the first tour that we are doing without our children, which seems to amaze many.  We are often asked how we could possibly leave our kids behind, and move across the globe?  These same voices we hear also say they could 'never' do that.  So I would like to address this concern.
We are so very bless to have three children that are friends and for the most part get along. We are not leaving them alone, as they have each other.  Not to mention that we are leaving them in community, with good friends, good church family, plus extended family.  As much as we think our kids can't live without us, they can. We raised them to be independent and they are. They have given us their blessing to go and are fully supporting us. That said, we have no idea what this will be like. What will it be like to not have our children within arm’s reach? I am sure I will shed a tear or two over the weeks to come but that is only as a mother’s heart should be.
Our sons often sing Trade Adkin’s song, "You’re Gonna Miss This" to us.  This is often done when I am lamenting an action of theirs; like tracking in gravel or mud,  not cleaning up after themselves, tickling me, or while play fighting.  While I doubt I will miss the muddy entrance, I will miss many things they do, good and bad.

God has called us to serve Him in Guadalajara, and we have answered the call. We have no idea what leaving our kids behind will be like but we have faith in God that He will take care of them and us. So, join us in praying for them ...  

Thinking about "Your Gonna Miss This" and what that means to me (Diane).  Well, I will miss the texts during the day that say, "Mom, you busy..." or finding little green ear plugs in the dryer from work, going out for breakfast, suppers around the table hearing about their day...and much more.  When Jaycia joined our family, during their high school days, bubbly laughter could be heard throughout the house and singing; that will be missed too.  So many little things that make up the big picture of what family is and what will be missed.

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