Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Allergies and Celiac Disease

     “How can you move to Mexico with Ernie’s allergies and your Celiac Disease?”  That is an ongoing question that has been asked of us, so I thought I would shed some like on it.
     Ernie has been seeing an allergist since we returned home from Mexico.  He has been receiving injections over the years in hopes of ‘curing’ him.  We went to see his allergist, with exactly the question you all are asking.  Her response, “The environmental allergies are under control.  You will always have allergies, no matter where you live, we just need to treat whatever presents itself.”  So, with confidence we head off, with meds in hand, and a need to find an allergist in Guadalajara. 

     As for Diane’s issues with gluten?  Well, it is actually easier to live in Latin America than in Canada as a Celiac.  Our flour consumption in Canada is high; its in everything!  It will be a matter of finding products that I can eat, teaching those in my circle of influence, and a basic learning curve.  I have actually had less issues while in Latin America that when I’m here.  I LOVE ‘hot off the press’ corn tortillas, beans, rice, fruit and veggies. 

     These issues really boil down to adapting to our new environment, finding good doctors and making any adjustments we need.  

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