Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 The Year of __________?

As you look back over 2013 what comes to mind?  Was it a good year?  Did you reach your goals?  Did you have goals?  Was it filled with good memories, milestones met, and things accomplished? Or was it a disappointing year? A painful year?  What would you change if you could do a rewrite?

Our 2013 was a 'Year of Change'.  After 13 years at Steinbach Bible College, Ernie told them he felt he couldn't sign another contract for the upcoming year as he felt God was asking us to return to the foreign mission field.  So, in faith, he signed a half contract, giving him till year end to seek God's direction.  I, Diane, ended the school year as an EA for Hanover School Division and, unclear as to what I should do given our uncertain future, I took a job at ‘Super Splash’ as a gas jockey/car wash attendant.  

In September we applied with the Evangelical Mennonite Conference to join a church planting team in Guadalajara, Mexico.  That commitment made, we began to made decisions regarding the big changes we were about to made: house, car, kids, finances, possessions, family … the decision list was endless.  But God was and continues to be ever faithful, providing wisdom and direction.

Our theme passage for 2014 is Matthew 18, with the focus verse being verse 14, which says:

"In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost."

Why, you might ask?  Our Heavenly Father is not willing to have ANY lost, so we go to Guadalajara with that goal in mind.  Finding the lost and helping them meet Jesus.  The entire chapter reiterates this concept. Don't hinder the little ones (because God doesn't want any to be lost), don't be a stumbling block (because God doesn't want anyone to be lost), use restorative/redemptive discipline in the church (because God...), learn to forgive (because... you get the picture)! 

So, what are your goals for the coming year? Is your life, as a 'shining light' (Phil. 2:15), a purpose driven life? Beyond the broken New Year's resolutions, how will you make it count for eternity this year? What will you do with the opportunities He gives you?  

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