Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January 22, 2014

"Our Place"
Avenida Economos 6451 Int 28
Coto Los Naranjos
       Pictured to the left is the place we now call 'home'.  I put home in quotations as making a home takes more than moving in and placing one's furniture. I would say that if my children were here, home it would be. However, in the absence of family, making this place home means building relationships and connecting with the people.  
       We have already met the ladies living on either side of us and they seem like potential friends. Alejandra, to the left of us, is already making plans to take me sight seeing when Ernie is out of town. I am looking forward to that adventure.
     But let me show you more of where we live and what it looks like.  John & Connie Reimer (Swan River/ Pleasant Valley) were sent to Guadalajara (like the spies Moses sent out) to find a place to begin church planting.  After scoping out the land (a city of 4-7 million), and much prayer, they chose the area we all live in. 
       There are 3 families here with the EMC and we each live in a separate 'coto'. A coto is a gated community. We all live within walking distance of one another.  Pictured below is the entrance to our coto. To enter our coto you must  either have a pass or the guard calls our house to ask if he can let the person enter. Each coto has a guard shack with guards.
     Our guards work 24 hour shifts. We have already become good friends with them. They already know our co-workers and let them in. This is also fast becoming the case in each coto. Below is a picture of one of our guards, he is friendly and seemingly happy at all times. He is very willing to answer any of our questions and chat with us when we come and go throughout the day.
Our coto has very few homes in it so it feels like a small community. The streets are cobbled and remind me much of Managua, Nicaragua. Each coto also has a 'terraza', which is available for use to the community, and you are also able to rent it. In our case it has a play structure for the children and a pool. The other cotos, where our co-workers live, don't have pools. The terraza also normally has a kitchenette with a grill for get-togethers, which always include food!

The Pool at the Terraza
         We have done a prayer walk through our little community with our team. We pray for connections with our neighbours and that relationships could be built. I met a young man during our prayer walk outside his home.  He had a huge bird cage with a bird inside, on his front yard. I 'used' Brady (Dallas and Tara's son) as an excuse to approach. I struggled with how to begin, but he was warm and welcoming. I met him again during the week and he asked me why I was in Guadalajara. After explaining, he said he was a Christian too, and would love a Bible study in his home. Pray that this initial contact would be an opened door.
The cobbled street where we live

       We arrived on January 10 and have moved in. We have begun to get familiar with the city, thanks to John & Connie and Dallas and Tara. They have taken us to begin our immigration paperwork, taken us out for some wonderful Mexican food, grocery shopping, and have shown us the city. I, Diane, am somewhat overwhelmed by the city, and have been hesitant to drive. I have now driven to the grocery store! I'm glad Ernie is more than willing to drive. The task before us is huge: adjusting to living in a city of 4-7 million (depending where you draw the lines) instead of 15,000, and learning the culture (which is quite distinct from Chihuahua), not to mention the actual purpose of our moving here. So, with that in mind, we covet your prayers as we seek to declare the Kingdom of God.

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  1. It is so nice to see where you live, thanks for sharing pictures. We will continue to pray - and we are enjoying your updates.