Saturday, 15 February 2014

Day 15 - Language
I am constantly amazed that I can read both of the above Bibles -English and Spanish.  When we lived in Nicaragua, way back when, I was often amazed that Ernie preferred to read his Bible in Spanish.  I would often say that my God spoke English.  I loved that I could read my Bible in Spanish, but it was never the same as reading it is English.  My goal this year has been to learn to love reading my Spanish Bible.  I got a more modern version and have come to love reading my Spanish Bible.  My next goal is to learn to pray with the same depth in both languages.

I am in awe that God gave me the ability to understand Spanish.  More and more I feel at ease with it and thank God that I could learn it.  Because you know..."el idioma del cielo es español."  


  1. Beautiful!!!
    I can so relate.
    I am so enjoying my German bible. And God even speaks in Deutsch. :-)

  2. Yes I imagine you can relate. Makes me glad there are people translating the Bible into all kinds of tongues, so that everyone can understand that Jesus came to save.