Monday, 3 February 2014

Day 2 - "The Water Truck"

     In Mexico drinking water is delivered on a 'water truck' in 20 litre plastic container called a 'garafón'. The truck we get our water from happens to be a Coke truck (much to Diane's delight, given that she's a Coke collector). It costs 27 pesos ($2.30 Cdn) for a refilled bottle.  Pepsi :( also delivers water and each driver knows which houses are 'his' in each 'coto'.   He comes through 3 times a week and comes right to your house and rings your doorbell.  You can also buy Coke, juice, and Gatorade.  

The garafón of water is tipped onto a stand and now you have drinking water! Slick!


  1. Wonderful!!!
    Love the photo of Ernie counting out his money!
    Love the blog!!!

  2. I love the bright orange water container - I want one!!! Now I will be searching to find one :)
    Love these daily little posts!

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