Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 20 - No Pica!
Salsas, Chilies, & Jalapeños

Warning: When a Mexican says "No Pica" be very careful.  'No pica' means - it's not hot - as in spicy hot, not temperature hot.  Above are pictures of a FEW items to add flavour to your food.  There is ALWAYS the option of adding chili to your food.  Very rarely, if ever, is the food bland or flavourless.  However, when you ask if something is 'hot', and they say 'No, no pica', use EXTREME caution, as their measure of 'spicy' is on a scale unlike yours.  I ordered a salad at a restaurant recently; I chose a mango dressing.  The waitress informs me that it has a little 'habanero' in it.  I thought, no problem, a little...  Yeah, my lips were burning in no time.  She brought me water, as I can't have bread (which does absorb the burning).  

I am in not way criticizing the spicy food, it is EXCELLENT.  I am just cautioning you that when a Mexican says, 'No Pica' - 'no pica' means it will only burn the first layer of your stomach!  The food is one of the many joys of living here!

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