Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 21 - Garbage Day

You are probably wondering how garbage day could be interesting.  Well, it is, on a few fronts.  Firstly, I don't know if it is everywhere in Latin America but it has been the same here as in Nicaragua - the garbage truck's arrival to your neighbourhood is announced by them ringing a bell.  So if you forgot to set out your garbage, you can here the bell well in advance to go put it out.  Love that fact; no excuse for missing.
The second interesting fact is that they separate their garbage in two separate containers.  This is not exactly recycling.  To the right is "inorgánico" which is non-organic garbage, to the bottom is 'orgánico' which is all organic stuff.  These containers in the pictures are all around the park in front of where we live.  Household garbage is to be done in the same fashion. Two containers, with things separated.  Takes a brain adjustment to not separate into recycleables.    
The other nice interesting fact about garbage day happens 3 times a week!  How nice is that?  So, even if you forget, bell notwithstanding, you have 2 other chances in the week to get your garbage picked up.  Luv it!

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