Saturday, 22 February 2014

Day 22 - DOGS

Now I will admit I have never been an animal lover, never had a desire to own a dog, but I think I am beginning to have a serious dislike for them.  Why, you ask?  I think every household here has one if not two!  I know that those dogs pictured above are cute and adorable, I get that, really I do.  However, when you have a back yard like most homes in Mexico have, (see blog post with picture of yard) and are gone most of the day... should maybe rethink the dog ownership thing.  

See, dogs that are 'home alone' bark and not just sometimes, but ALL THE TIME!  I awake to barking, I fall asleep to barking and I live through constant barking.  Now that said, when I go to the park, whether morning, noon or evening, people are all walking their dogs.  So I don't want to make them out as bad dog owners.  I am beginning to think that EVERYONE owns a dog.  So it isn't dogs I dislike, it is the barking.  

I have lived with roosters crowing at the oddest of hours, and I blocked it out.  I lived in front of a hospital where an ice cream vendor rang his bell what seemed like all day, and I blocked it out.  I lived near a by-pass where semi trucks used their 'jake break' so stop and I blocked it out.  I am just wondering when and and if I will block out the barking dogs!  Or shall I end up in a room with padded walls:)

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