Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 23 - Working Hard

The above picture is the image that is stereotypical of Mexicans.  From my experience it is untrue as are more sterotypes.  Are there lazy Mexicans?  Yes I am sure there are.  I believe this idea came from old western movies which evolved into the idea that ALL Mexicans are sitting beside a cactus, taking a siesta.  Not true,  
As I have mentioned before, I go to the park daily and it is here that I see many Mexicans who are concerned about their health and are doing something about it.  I see all shapes and sizes, jogging and walking throughout the park.  There are also various groups doing aerobics, martial arts, slack lining, and various other types of exercise.  There are also all manner of bike clubs, running clubs and the like.
Aside from exercise, they also do work very hard.  Right outside my 'coto' there is a building going up.  A brick high rise.  Things we do with machine, they do by hand.  Lots of the work is manual labour.  They are hauling bricks, gravel, and supplies up to the third floor with a bucket on a rope!  Don't know how many of us Canadians would sign up for that job!  

I also hear my neighbourhood start to leave as early at 7 a.m. and work till 3 p.m., then come home for lunch only to go back to the office till 7 or 8 p.m.  I hope I have taken a hammer to the stereotype from above.

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