Monday, 24 February 2014

Day 24 - Domingo - Dia para la Familia

The title I gave this post is "Sunday - Day for the Family" because that is very much how Sunday's are here.  Every Sunday the park, pictured above, in front our our 'coto' starts to fill up from early morning.  They come in families, hauling chairs, tables, bikes, toys, and or course, food.  They spend the day there, enjoying friends and family.  You only start to see the exodus of people in early evening, when the sun begins to go down.  This happens not only in the park by our place, but at practically all parks.  Sunday's are their day to enjoy the family without the commitments of work infringing  on their time. 

This leads me to the second part of what I have called family day, it's not only Sunday.  I have found that Latin Americans honour and cherish the family to an extent that we have lost.  There is no place that you can not bring your children, no event where they are not welcomed.  Babysitting is a foreign concept to them.  But not only their little children, teens and even young adults are seen with their families.  They have managed to keep the family unit in tact.  There is a lesson we can learn here.  I encourage you to cherish your families, love your loved ones, spend time together, relaxing and enjoying life! 

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