Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day 26 - The Grocery Store
The Bagger

Another thing one encounters at the grocery store is the bagger, usually a young person (like the girl pictured) or an elderly person.  The 'bagger' does not actually work for the store but rather earns their wage solely by bagging and receiving tips from the customers.  There is no given amount one needs to give, nor is it required that you give.  Although one knows that this is their job, unpaid and they are trying to earn a living.  In Chihuahua a lady told me that her son made more than her, who actually worked for the company, in a day, just bagging.  She also told me that her son, in order to keep his job needed to keep his grades up or they wouldn't let him work.

The next person you deal with is the parking lot attendant.  He, most often, is the one who is 'watching' the vehicles, will push your cart and load your groceries, and directs the traffic so you can leave.
The lot attendant

He also does not actually receive a wage from the store where he 'works' but again relies on what the people give him.  He spends his day in the sun, pushing carts, packing groceries into cars, blowing his whistle while he directs traffic, all in hopes of receiving a few pesos.  

That is a trip to the grocery store.

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