Thursday, 27 February 2014

Day 27 - La Terraza

This isn't a great picture of the restaurant but it will illustrate my topic of today sufficiently.  I love that when you go out to eat here, you are almost eating outside.  Most restaurants have a 'terraza' which is like an outdoor patio.  There is something about eating 'outside' without bugs and not feel boxed in.  

On of the ladies from Dallas & Tara's cell group told me that the whole 'terraza' concept is somewhat new to Guadalajara.  The reason being is that the "No Smoking" law came into effect and so they had to adapt.  Technically you are 'outside' on a terraza and can therefore smoke out there.  I don't really care why, I love that they have them.

Another little tidbit of noteworthy information about dining out in  Mexico that is missed when one returns to Canada?  Most restaurants have play areas for children, sometimes even with a 'nanny' to watch.  It can be as simple as a slide and swings, or more elaborate.  Often times it even has a movie going for them to watch.  So generally, kids are entertained at any restaurant, no only McDonald's.

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