Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 3 - Buying on the Street

Let me begin this post by offering an apology - I said I would post in the morning and I have failed to do that.  Had to head to Immigration early this morning to get a spot in line.  Good news - Ernie is legal - he got his card!  Hopefully I will get mine this week too.   Anyway... ...

One of the wonderful things about Mexico is you can purchase almost anything on the street.  This little stand can be found 2 blocks from our house.  She is there early every morning with containers of cut up fruit...and cucumbers.  and right behind her you can see another stand that is there.  She also sells brooms, wet and dry mops, and other household stuff.  She is consistent, always at the same locations, selling the same thing.

This is a mobile cart.  This guys sells "Tejuino" which is a local beverage made from corn.  He told me it was cold, it was NOT fermented (which it was at times in Nicaragua), he added pineapple and 'piloncillo' which is sugar made from sugarcane.  He also sells snacks, chips with salsa.
He however, unlike the previous lady, is mobile and is not always found at the same place.

I always find myself noticing these various carts and wondering what they sell or wondering is it is 'safe' to purchase from said vendor.  But they are all over the city and hold all kinds of products.  Pricing may vary:)

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  1. Great that Ernie got his card. Now it is your turn, Diane. :-)
    Love the little mobile carts.