Thursday, 6 February 2014

Day 5 -Lunch Time

That is right!  Lunch prep starts at 2 in the afternoon.  I notice it is time to start lunch around this time as the neighbour ladies start coming home from work or picking the kids up from school (if my stomach hasn't already let me know). This is also the big meal of the day, unlike in Canada, where we would have a light lunch (soup  & sandwich).  "Lunch Hour" here is 2 hours, given it is the important meal of the day.  
Frijoles - Beans

So, I am learning many things, about how to prepare meals here.  There are notable differences between Chihuahua and Guadalajara.  But beans are pretty standard in most of Latin America.  I made by sons eat them (back in the day).  I told them they WOULD learn to like beans, as they were filling, nutritive, and always present wherever we went.  We love beans!


Another standard item at any meal is tortillas; just like Mennonites and their bread!  I think corn tortillas might be healthier.  I love em!
The final product!
Well, I did mix countries, as the rice is actually a Nicaraguan dish, called 'Arroz a la Valenciana' (Spanish Rice). I might add that I got a 'good job!' from Ernie, who sometimes tells me "It does taste right" meaning, it isn't like Juanita used to make it (Nicaragua).  Avocado is also a standard when I am eating!  I love it that they aren't as expensive as in Canada!


  1. Looks delcious!!!!
    Way to go, Diane!

    1. Well Erna, feel free to swing by and I'll see what I can make for you😄