Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Seven Sons!
     My most sincere apologies for the tardiness of today's post but as you can see from the above picture I have a few distractions!  Right now we are helping to host Dallas & Tara's home church youth group - the Kleefeld EMC.  We got the blessing of 7 guys! What fun.
     So we covet your prayers as we seek to show these kids our ministries and help them to experience Mexican culture in a positive way.  Pray also for the 'Convivio' we are hosting, together with them, on Saturday night.  Each missionary couple will invite their friends and contacts to a cultural evening; to share our Canadian culture and show the group the Mexican one.  We have live music (with one of the young ladies from John & Connie's cell group singing), there will be Canadian  and Mexican prizes, great food, and just a wonderful time of interacting with one another.  Pray God's hand on this event.

     P.S. I am loving having these boys over as several of them know our sons. 2 are good friends with our boys.  Ian (standing behind me) and Lyndol (far side in bright blue shirt) make it almost feel like we have Mike and Chris here.


     'Project Fit' has been renamed for a very important reason: the objective.  We originally called it 'Project Fit' - thinking we were going to the gym, it made sense.  But we feel it communicated the wrong idea.  We are not joining to a gym to get fit, although that could be a side benefit.  We are joining a gym to connect with people, to get into and join their social circles (a big part of life here in Mexico).  So, to avoid misinterpretation, we will rename the project to fit with the objective:

Project Connect

     Things have changed with this project on a few fronts.  When we initially presented this project we had gone to one gym, investigated it, and put forth the project.  Since that time we found another gym, and were able to compare prices.  Then, by God's design, my neighbour lady invited me to join her at HER gym one morning!  I went, and after one morning of her explaining why they went there, and all the ins and outs, I felt a nudge in this direction.  If our goal is to meet people and connect, why not join a gym where we already knew someone and had an 'in'.  So, as a step of faith, and recognizing that some had already committed to join with us in this project, we signed up!  We are now 'socios' (members).  The price is less, they gave us a one year trial membership (thus evading some fees), and this fits into our goal, which was to give this a 'try' for a year; AND, we already have friends there.  God leads is amazing ways.  

     So, a big thanks to those who have decided to help us reach out in this way; we covet your prayers as we seek to be faithful in sharing the greatest story ever told.

     IF you are one that would really like to be involved in supporting this kind of outreach there is still room, either for a small monthly contribution, or a onetime gift. Contact us (erniekoop17@gmail.com or dianekoop4@gmail.com or contact the Evangelical Mennonite Conference office in Steinbach. 

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