Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Where is your 'church'....?

     So, we joined the MB's for a sunrise service on Easter Sunday (at 7 a.m.), then off to join John & Connie Reimer's cell group for breakfast at 10 a.m. (a farewell for John & Connie, who were off to Australia to see family later that day), then finally we joined Dallas & Tara, and a couple from their cell group, as they worshiped in the park - some choruses, communion, and food. A full day. Which of these was 'church'? Were they all 'church'? No bulletins were handed out, we sang at 2 of the 3 events, and only one actually had a devotional per se. But there was fellowship, there was prayer, there was a sense of unity and purpose....

     When you 'google' church under 'images', you get tons of beautiful pictures of buildings. But what is church?

     The above image also pops up.  What word sticks out to you?  What image comes up in your mind when someone tells you that you should go to church?  Is it a correct image, or is it too tightly tied to a building or a specific tradition? Can you 'do church' or worship outside of these parameters? 

     We are here in Guadalajara as church planters.  Planting churches in the past has often meant getting enough people to warrant buying a property and building "a church".  Now we are using a different model which has no building, per se. We want our people to clearly understand that they are the church, and individually and corporately, we represent Christ and live missionally. This is meant to be daily, not just Sunday. How does this resonate with you? To be honest, our own experience has been primarily the traditional model. How about you? New wine skins can bring new life to the church! 


  1. Great questions. Simply going to church requires minimal commitment. Being the Church costs us our lives.
    - Mo

    1. Great observation, Mo. Bang On! You can still 'GO TO' while 'BEING' as long as you don't complacently thing that 'going to' is good enough, or what its all about... THANKS!

    2. Hmm, that's a really profound statement Mo, I like it.