Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Culturally Speaking
Headed our for a 'casual' evening
This past weekend we were invited to our first gathering by people we have met at VIVO 47 (the gym where we became members).  We were told it was a casual evening with friends (to celebrate 13 yrs of marriage).  There were at least 16 couples in attendance! When Ernie asked the host for the dress code, he said 'casual, no jeans.'  Now, at home I would know what that meant.  I felt unsure of my choice till I arrived and saw everyone else.  Everyone was dressed up, some much more than I, some less so.

Some culture things we noticed.
  • a gathering or party in Mexico requires music, if not live then at the very least canned
  • visiting is done above the music, as music is not just in the background
  • Mexicans dress up for everything.  We, from the North, often look sloppy in our dress
  • supper is a light meal, while lunch is usually big, with meat
  • greeting EVERYONE, when arriving and when leaving, is a big production with huge implications
  • people sit as couples, with no segregation
  • belonging to a 'group' is very important
  • family is huge, with all ages present
    neighbours Mario and Alejandra at the party
    this couple identified themselves as Christians to Diane
    one of the guests, a dentist, joins the live music, singing a love song 
    Juan, our host, decides it's his turn to sing
    Lalo and his wife, he is originally from Chihuahua!
    Saturday lunch invitation to neighbours Mario and Alejandra's with many of their extended family

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