Wednesday, 18 June 2014

It's a Religion

                               "It's a Religion"

For Latin Americans the FIFA World Cup is comparable to our view of the Stanley Cup in the North.  However, it is a 'religion' to them.  They give passion and fanaticism a new meaning. They care, and they care deeply.  Every restaurant that has a television is promoting the games and they are hosting a packed crowd.  The mall has a HUGE big screen T.V. in it's center court, full of people loudly cheering.  This is a game where violence happens between fans.  Everyone is passionate about their team.  

So you might ask, are we watching soccer?  Absolutely.  I can't say the whole thing captures me like hockey does but you can't help but join in on the excitement.  Just to give you a clearer picture of their passion, I would like to share a post from Martin Garcia, shared by Detlef on Facebook.  

World Cup Rules for Women (click on heading for the link) ... you can also find these 'rules' in English on the web... here are some samples:

1) during this month the TV is mine, mine and only mine at all hours, without exception. The remote, don't even look at it!
2) During the games I am deaf and blind. Don't expect me to hear you, see you, open the door, answer the phone, look at the kids that fell from the 2nd floor, greet your mother, go shopping, put out the fire in the kitchen, etc. Nothing! Nothing!

It may have been said humorously but I think they believe it!  Some of these I believe would cross over as rules for the NHL widow!

But soccer, as we call it, is also taking off up North as well.  However, I don't think the most avid soccer fan up North could even match the most mild mannered fan of Latin American, because it is almost a religion down here.  Here's a good comercial to highlight the skill:
GO Mexico!!


  1. Love it!
    Can so relate - from our time in Germany.
    Miss the atmosphere and excitement.
    Go Germany go!! :-)

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