Wednesday, 16 July 2014

27 mexican customs that intrigue any foreigner

What is strange in Mexico but is considered normal to Mexicans:

  1. No stores have change ... EVER!
  2. There is a love/hate relationship with the USA.
  3. They love public expressions of affection and long, intimate hugs.
  4. They care about and have extremely good personal hygiene.
  5. They don’t moderate their use of hair gel - seems the least daily required amount is 1/2 a bottle!
  6. Normal for Mexicans is the lack of toilet paper and soap in public bathrooms.
  7. They are extremely polite, greeting and saying good bye to everyone, and that generally makes the rest of us feel very impolite.
  8. Even though Mexico produces world class coffee (in Chiapas and Veracruz) everyone seems to drink cheap instant coffee (Nescafe, and Oxxo coffee).
  9. There is no attention paid to punctuality. If they are to meet at 4 p.m. the earliest some might arrive would be 4:30 p.m. or 5 p.m.
  10. What they serve in restaurants isn’t Katsup -don’t know what it is, but it ISN’T Ketchup!
  11. When going to a public restroom they charge you to enter, then give you some toilet paper. Foreigners don’t seem to understand what this means.
  12. University education is quite informal with lots of communication between students and professors.
  13. There are hot sauce dispensers for the popcorn at the movie theatre!
  14. Everyone sells something - whether in their homes, on street corners, or on public transportation.
  15. Everything is an excuse to have a fiesta, and the Mexican fiestas involve the entire family.
  16. They don’t pay attention to what American television says about Mexico because it isn’t anything like what they present.
  17. If you are black (Afro-American) get used to being the centre of attention in Mexico.
  18. They put lemon on EVERYTHING!
  19. Mexicans don’t care about monopolies.
  20. Mexicans don’t care about forest fires, unless they threaten a village.
  21. Mexicans think that a drop of hot sauce is capable of destroying any foreigner. Therefore, they have the custom of warning any foreigner that gets close to a bottle of hot sauce with ‘but it's hot, eh?’
  22. The Narco (drug lord) is central in everything that is done in Mexico but it is taboo to speak of it in public.
  23. If you don’t understand some of the multiple applications of a variety of curse words, and words like ‘fart’, good luck trying to understand any conversation.
  24. Mexicans view as inferior any Central or South American and they don’t care for Argentinians.
  25. Mexicans drink incredible amounts of pop, wether for breakfast or during the day.
  26. Racism isn’t that much of a problem in Mexico. What is a problem is an entrenched sense of class consciousness.
  27. In everything they support the economy of the people. Walmart? Never. Let’s go to the ‘tiangis’ (street market). 

-translated from ‘El Diario Grande de Michoacan Provincia’ written by Diego Ferreyra

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