Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Canada Day

     We as 'Team Guadalajara' have been meeting this past month every Monday for staff meetings.  You might be wondering if we just love meetings or what?  No, we have been getting together to review our strategy as a team, discuss some Church Planting books, and we also have a regular monthly staff meeting.  So, this past Monday morning we got together at Dallas and Tara's  We were well into our agenda when it was time to pick up the Wiebe's kids and so we took a break ....

FOOD! Dallas BBQ'd some great steaks!

But the reason for the meal was to celebrate 
Canada Day

We hung the flag, with great pomp and ceremony and even played "O' Canada"

But of course the cameras came out - which led to some fun ... ....

The men did some posing... ...

Here are the lovely counter parts to the above 'gentlemen'

The kids were less than thrilled to pose

While we live in Mexico we are blessed to enjoy a country rich in culture.  We enjoy it immensely and take part in all its fullness.  We watch soccer, we eat tacos, speak Spanish and run a a very loose time schedule, to mention a few.  However, we are Canadian - and proud to BE!

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