Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mark the Day - September 6th
The Terrazza for our BBQ

Ernie & I have decided to host a "convivio" for our contacts at VIVO 47, the gym where we go every day.  We are promoting this event as a Canadian Family BBQ.  We want to show our new friends what a typical family bbq would look like in Canada.  Our plan is to bbq burgers and hot dogs, have salads, chips and pop, and brownies for dessert.  We hope to have live music (still in the planning stages) and if not, plug in a stereo.  We will have a (free) silent auction table with prizes from Canada (lovingly provided by our church at home, personal purchases, and some provided by family) and some door prizes.  We'll have some Canadian Trivia, maybe a rendition of O Canada? 

We want to use this event to express to our guests that, while the whole bbq thing would be what we would do with our families and friends at home, they are far away.  These friends here are now our family! And how great it is that we can have 'family' while living abroad.

We have a guest list of 25 couples plus their kids.  This list, amazingly enough, could be much longer, but funds and space make it impossible to invite the whole gang (which could easily be 50 or more couples)!  

Another thing we are working on is getting help from some of our existing church (cell) people.  This is still in the planning stages.  

We ask that you cover this event with your feverant prayers as its success is directly proportionate to God's presence and His working.  We are seeking to build on the connections we have been developing for the past few months.

So, please circle September 6th on your calendars, and join us in praying without ceasing for God to prepare hearts for this event.

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