Thursday, 24 July 2014

Missionary Ladies Day
The old match stick in the mouth to combat the effects of cutting onions

One of God's many blessings for me here in GDL is a missionary ladies group.  We meet once a week for Bible study and to encourage & pray for one another.  They have been a real blessing to me.

We take a 'break' during the summer months, as kids are home and schedules change but this summer we have met for 'fun' times like the above picture.  We met a the Mateo Centre, with Sandra Plett (Pictured above), Jen Schmidt and Suzanne as our hosts.  Connie Reimer (my co-worker) led us in making her home made salsa for chips.  Not a very Mexican thing.  Hot sauce is for food and it is nothing like salsa as we know it.  We each got to take several jars home as her recipe makes LOTS!  We had a wonderful day, enjoying one another's company and laughing together.

Melinda, Connie, Barb & Sandra

Connie Reimer our teacher

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