Wednesday, 30 July 2014


You are probably thinking I can't spell?!  Well, "WHATSAPP" is actually an app for your cell phone, and it is the most used app here in Mexico.  Everyone uses it to communicate, because texting costs minutes, and WHATSAPP is free.  So, they create groups with friends so that they don't need to tell everyone individually.  We formed one called "GDL staff", which we use to let each member of our staff know what's happening.  I am in another called "Chicas Coto", which are the neighbourhood ladies, and another called "Guapas del Vivo 47", which are the ladies from the gym.  This app is used to send encouragements, jokes, to communicate events, and to chat. Some examples...

It was through this app that I sent out a message to "Chicas Coto" to tell them to go see the movie "God's Not Dead".  I told them it was very good and if they did not have someone to go with we would gladly go again.  This weekend a neighbour family wanted to watch a movie together, and, when they couldn't decide, they chose "God's Not Dead", because we had recommended it.  

We had an interesting conversation with them the next day, one that might happen in any culture.  The father said that you raise your kids in their faith but there comes a time when they will challenge, ask questions, and even rebel. Our job is to train our kids, live and teach our faith, be there when they begin to challenge it, but also realise that during these 'speed bumps' (that often present themselves during adolescence) the parents need to work at keeping communication lines open. Watching the right kind of movie, and then discussing it after, might be another way of nudging people to faith... what do you think? ...

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