Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This post will be the ramblings of a lady left alone in GDL for a week!  My coworkers have all left. John & Connie are in Canada hugging a new grandbaby!  Dallas & Tara and kids are in Chihuahua, visiting friends after attending the IAMUM conference which Ernie also attended.  So I have been chilin´in GDL.  Here are my rambling thoughts... ...

Yesterday my 'baby' turned 21 and I was miles away.  It is during special days like that, that I miss being there.  I mostly am okay with being away but on days like yesterday, I miss my boys and being able to celebrate with them.  But on the flip side, I am thankful for technology that allows me to call them, and see them during those calls.  I am thankful that they occasionally text me, Mike more than Chris, send a picture from their day, etc.  
Ana & I out for coffee
 God has blessed me (us) with some wonderful friends after just these few short months.  This wonderful young lady is a part of John & Connie's cell group and she will be getting married next month.  I enjoyed a wonderful evening with her, hearing about her life and her journey.  She is but one of the people God has put in my life for whom I am thankful.  Relationships and connectedness is why God has us here.  She would love it if you would pray for her upcoming wedding and future with Roy.
Why is this here?
I am 'teaching' English twice a week!  Anyone who really knows me, knows that this is a stretch.  How did I get here?  That would totally be Ernie's fault, as when asked he offered me as the student is a 28 year old young lady.  Her  name is Ana Gabriela and she lives in our coto.  Now let's be clear here, just because you speak a language doesn't mean you can explain it or teach it!  I have quoted the rule: "i before e except after c" many times in my life.  As you notice above, that rule is somewhat nebulous, so as not to say void altogether.  Why have a rule is there are tons of exceptions?  Anyway, Ernie is usually a stones throw away and he LOVES grammar rules and syntax and the whole language thing.  But let me tell you, I shudder every time someone wants me to teach English. I speak the language but I can not explain it!  But again, on the flip side of that, Ana Gabriela and I have become good friends; last night she took me out for Tacos­čśä.  

Those are just some of my ramblings... ... next week we will highlight Ernie's trip to Chihuahua where he met with old friends from our years of working there - second tour!  Until next week ... ...

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