Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Carne Asada

Three couples from the gym got together for a bbq
One of the main reasons for getting a gym membership was to get to know people (couples mostly), as I had already joined the ladies group from our coto.  Well, on August 30 we were invited to join 3 couples that have formed a group.  They had discussed it and it was agreed upon that we would be asked to join them.  So this was our first gathering.  They rotate who hosts each month.  We had a great day together.  Our host had said, "we have to be ready by 2 p.m. because Ernie will be on time!" And, true to that statement, we arrived just after 2, as I was pulling on the reins saying no one would be there at 2.  Due to our punctuality we got to spend the first hour-one-on one with our hosts, then another couple joined us, and 2 hours later the last couple (family) arrived.  We were there for about 7 hrs (2-9 p.m.).  We had all been invited to stay the night but we left with another couple at the end of the evening. 
Food's Almost Ready
Diggin In
Juan & Claudia
Luis & Beatrice
Our host couple: Hector & Faby
This Saturday, September 6th, is our Canadian BBQ which we are hosting for our friends from the gym.  Please pray that we will have a beautiful sunny day (we are presently in our rainy season, so blue sunny skies are not a given).  Also pray for many to attend and that we would have a great time of fellowship together.

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