Friday, 26 September 2014

Enjoyable Event
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Ernie and I in front of the Teatro Degollado
The month of September for Mexico is a huge month, for in Sept. the shout (grito) of independence rang out.  Therefore, one can enjoy many events to celebrate Mexican independence.  On September 21, we were invited to the theatre to enjoy a presentation of national dances from varias states. 

We were invited by Alejandra's parent's.  Alejandra is standing next to me in the photo and her mother is on my left.  On the other side of Alejandra is her sister and her daughter is standing in front of us.  We ladies, along with Ernie and Alejandra's dad, enjoyed a fabulous show.
Jorge and Maricruz (Alejandra's parents)
We enjoyed the music, the bright coloured outfits, the mariachi, the amazingly choreographed dancing.  It was interesting to see the typical dances from the other states of Mexico.  Of course Guadalajara was highlighted and the best!  Sorry for the poor photography - IPad is not the best camera to capture movement but at least I got some pics.  It was amazing!

Come for a visit and experience Mexico!

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