Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Que VIVA Mexico!
Sandra, 'human statue' (Hidalgo), Me, Alejandra and Alegra (in front)
September 16 is the Independence of Mexico and is hugely celebrated all across Mexico.  The celebrations begin on the 15th because the actual "Grito" (the shout of victory) was at 11 p.m. The options of what to do are many. We were invited to join different events. We chose to join our neighbours, Mario and Ale (Alejandra). We joined them for family celebrations (2 diff. extended family parties) as opposed to going to see the fireworks and all the traditional hoopla.  

My neighbour Ale (far left) and the Trio
We headed to Mario's side of the family first for lunch - 3:30 in the afternoon.  Yummy tostadas and dessert as 2 family members were also celebrating birthdays.  Music is a huge part of any Mexican celebration - thus the Trio who serenaded us for an hour.  We enjoyed a good afternoon with them, then headed home so they could check on their kids.  30 min. later we're off to Ale's family party.  We got their at 8:30 in the evening and stayed to close to 1 a.m. in the morning.
Me in blue, Patty next to me is Ale's sister
Right: Ale and Mario (our neighbours), Ernie, Patty's husband Jorge
Next is another sister to Ale and Patty & Jorge's daughter 

Both events were good as they were about building connections with Mario & Ale's families.  Some we had previously met and so it was reconnecting.  Once again it is about building 'family' and we are doing that with Mario and Ale.  The food was wonderful, the company enjoyable and the music ever present.
Family is a big part of Mexican culture and I love that all ages we represented.  We met aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, sisters; everybody mixed together. 

I also love how rich their culture is and every celebration gives us another piece of the ever growing puzzle.  

At 1 in the morning we hit the hay - tired.  But that was pre-holiday.  On the 16th we had more to experience and enjoy.  One of Reimer's cell group ladies is an event creator and she often let's us know what she has up. So off to the mall we headed to enjoy some Mariachi music.  That is alway a treat to us Canadians.  They can sing!  They can play instruments!  And they can dance!  Color and culture.  
Female Mariachi, with 3 floors of spectators

Alegra with the dancers and mariachi
We enjoy the rich culture of Mexico.  They know how to celebrate and it is always done with great flourish and lots of music.  We ended the evening with a typical meal - tacos! Um, que ricos!

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