Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bookworms ...
Once again we find ourselves in a place of learning.  This is a good thing, as one must always be willing to learn.  We are reading.  Reading is not something that I would say was a 'cross to bear', for me, as I LOVE to read.  That said, I really had never read anything other than English; we are now reading in Spanish.  Thanks to our dear friend and neighbor, Ale.

Alejandra was one of the first people we met in our 'coto' and she seemed to make it her personal mission to get us involved in things and help us adapt to our new environment.  She was the one who took us to the gym and look where we are now!  She thought I should join her book club.  Now I love to read, I hear book club and I get excited.  But then I remembered that we were in Mexico and a book club would mean reading in Spanish.  I had never really read anything other than my Bible in Spanish (and that alongside my English version).  Could I do it?

I told her I would like to read something she owned to see if I could do it.  I started with a book that I had previously read in English, so I knew the story line.  While I was chugging my way through my first book she told Ernie he too should read.  She loves to read biographies, historical novels, things that educate her and where she was learning.  I am on my 4th book and Ernie is on his 3rd or 4th also.  These books are generally 500 pages or more!  I often have a dictionary alongside, as I am finding words that are new to me.  

My newest challenge in the reading department is reading my way through the Apocrypha.  I read through the first book and will try to make my way through them all.  Most of my friends here are Catholic, so I want to understand what that means, how it differs, etc.  I want to get into their world.  Ale was proud of me for taking that up and we look forward to discussing them together.  

Just before I sat down to write this we enjoyed a half hour visit with a college boy from down the street, regarding Catholicism and Mexican history.  He has also been very helpful in our learning process and we have enjoyed a confidence in our friendship that allows each one to ask questions openly without fear.  

I thank God for the wonderful Mexican friends he has blessed us with and who are willing to open our eyes to who they are personally and as a people.  I trust it is reciprocal. 

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