Friday, 10 October 2014

Cell group gathering
as posted on FaceBook
It was a costume party gathering

Who let him out?
 About every six weeks we get together as a whole group, meaning all cell groups.  This one was given a theme which was dress up and was open to invite friends.  We had NO idea what to do... ... so we ended up renting costumes.  Can you guess who chose them?  
I had a day pass!

So almost everybody came in costume and a good time was had by all... ... ....

The staff

We had some great costumes, even the kids dressed up:

Some were creative and some were 'scary' - if you know what I mean:

A great day was had on October 5th by our group.  Many invited guests joined us.  We are blessed with some awesome folks.  When you see these faces, these are people you can pray for.

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