Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Life is filled with joy if one only looks for it.  You can also be the source of joy with just a little effort.  It does require that you look for the positive, see the sunshine in spite of the rain.  Like I miss my dishwasher back at home.  One can get pretty lazy in the kitchen with one of those.  Not that I mind doing dishes per se but I think the lazy bug hits from time to time.  Ernie and I often just clean up together and realize that although we miss the convenience it really isn´t such a huge chore.

I brought a banana sheet cake to the gym this morning for the other guests to enjoy. I just drop it in the ladies dressing room to bless the other guests.  The comments I got from that little event bring much joy.  I got some "thank you´s" from people I don´t know. Today I got the old, "I know what you're doing - it's the old "God, if you can't make me thin, make my friends fat!""  😉  Another asked me if I sold cakes.  The sweetest was a friend who came looking for me to give me a kiss.  She told me she would risk getting fat if that was gonna do it.  Such a simple thing for me to do.

I think I brought joy to other´s in another way this morning at the gym.  I joined my friend for a class, not really aroebics - more like dance.  Let´s just say God did not grant me Latin hips and rythm in my blood.  They all just encouraged me to keep at it - I was doing good.  They would make me Mexican yet!  Let´s just say after the hour ended I had laughed at myself a whole lot and had enjoyed myself.

For at the last couple of Fridays Ernie has gone for lunch (starts at 2, 3 or 4 p.m.) with the guys from the gym. Although he has usually left by 8:30 p.m. this 'party' carries on till 11 or later. One of the guys asked Ernie why he comes, and joins them, when he doesn't drink. Great opportunity to let them know that he goes because they are his friends. There is joy.

Our week ahead is full of exciting new activities.  Tomorrow we are going to watch our neighbours' daughter, who is in a group of ladies that dance their horses (Escaramusa Charra).  We have alwasy wanted to see that so we are excited, and its a great way to support our neighbours.

 We are invited to a Costume Party Saturday night with some friends from the gym.  Got that whole dress up thing down after our own party earlier on in the month.  Sunday we are headed to a 'Mirador' (restaurant that looks out over a Canyon).  We are doing this with a small group from the gym.  We are looking forward to these events.  We want to be salt and light. Being with our friends here brings us the greatest joy.

Another exciting thing that is happening: I am meeting with 3 ladies to Study the Life of Christ.  One is a very dedicated and studious Catholic, another is a less committed Catholic and the third is a Christian.  Together we will be walking through a 6 book compendium on the Life of Christ according to the book of Matthew.

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  1. I can relate to you Diane as I also don't have Latin hips! Praying continuously as you seek to bring joy to your neighbours and as they also bring joy to you, and for the opportunities to share about our ultimate joy which is in knowing Christ :)