Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A room with a view!
     Every year we have a staff retreat. Why?  Well, the purpose might be different, depending on who you ask.  We decided that this year our goals were simple - to get rested and rejuvenated, having all been very busy (with another busy front headed our way) and to spend time together. The first thing was choosing the 'where', as that often takes a huge chunk of the budget. We were 8 adults and 3 children. We were blessed with finding a lovely house with the above view. We could not have asked for a nicer place to stay, although it wasn't very 'kid friendly'.  
Balcony pool view
     I don't think this would meet 'code' back in Canada. It was a nice place to cool off but parents needed to be there with the boys! That opened railed area was a 10 meter drop to the concrete below.  Although we did enjoy the pool and the ocean, we did not just relax. We also went through a video series called "Contagious Christians" which was a good reminder on how to share your faith with others - not a heavy study but practical for our work. Little homework assignments were given throughout and led to good interactions as a group.  
     But it was not all work... ... we enjoyed great meals, good laughs, between languages (English, Spanish and Low-German), a wonderful location to enjoy God's creation, and awesome thundershowers every evening. Our goal was reached - we all felt rested and ready to hit the ground running once we got home.
Watching a Video 
Serious Relaxing (with a view)
Roof Top Pool Fun
Ocean front drink (plus being hit by EVERY seller)
You can buy jewellery, clothing, table clothes, art work, etc, etc.
Very Studious Bunch
Apparently a good place to learn to surf
John & Connie
     And here's the gang!
Back Row Left to right: Connie & John Reimer, John & Lorna Wall (Chihuahua Missionaries), Dallas & Tara Wiebe
Front: Ernie & Diane Koop, Carter, Logan and Brady Wiebe


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