Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I know that Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I just can't help but have a thankful heart. God has blessed us abundantly. If I were to make a list of pros and cons in my life ledger, I am not sure the cons would be worth noting. Sure, I miss my kids (all three of them) tremendously, but I can literally talk to them almost anytime, and SEE them. I sometimes miss the ease of living in my own country but again the pros for living here outweigh the cons (hate to rub it in but 25 degrees on the plus side, verses heading to the minus side of the equation - well enough said!).

The thing that I am most thankful for is the people God has placed in our lives. What rich friendships we are developing. We have a wonderful family of believers through John & Connie's cell and Dallas and Tara's. Such awesome people. We love each encounter with them. Then there are our neighbours, people to stop and chat with, people to get advice from, borrow something from, and just the wonderful camaraderie. I can feel safe even when Ernie is away. Then there is our other family, our special family of friends at the gym. What a blessing. These are people to go for breakfast with, out for an event, get information on whatever, help in our adjustment to Guadalajara, people to laugh with and celebrate life.

This weekend was full for us with events that bring joy and meaning to our lives... ...
Diego - Go Chivas Go!
We spent Sunday morning at the soccer pitch. Diego is the son of a friend from the gym, a single mother. Her oldest son is in the hospital after a traffic accident (please pray for his recovery). Not quite hockey, but another piece of the culture to appreciate.  
Hector and Liliana
Above are pictured our hosts for a Halloween party. Saturday night we headed to a karaoke bar where we enjoyed a night of singing (somewhat badly, I might add), eating and laughing.  This is another couple from the gym. 
We borrowed Reimer's costumes
Us with 2 other couples from the gym
Our weekend ended with a wonderful lunch with a view - a restaurant on the edge of the canyon. I had asked one of the guys (Luis) at the gym about a place I had heard about here in Guadalajara (this was done of course while we were on the elliptical machines, working hard). Well, it was not long after that that he had an event planned so we could "conocer" (get to know) the beautiful place. They are so willing to have us see their city and know their country. It was a perfect day with some of the great friends that God has blessed us with.
Me with Luis and Betty (our hosts) 
The Gang - Me, Bertha & Carlos, Betty & Luis, Juan & Claudia
The view of the 'barrancas' (the canyon) is not nearly as spectacular in photos as it is in real life:

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