Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nicaraguan Party

Left to right: John & Connie, Me, Pilar, Jorge & Teo, Hugo and Ernie
As many of you may know, Ernie and I served in Nicaragua when we were first married (see blog main page for explanation of previous assignments). John and Connie, our co-workers here, also served in Nicaragua, way back in the turbulent years.  We have often travelled down memory lane: of places, people, food, etc.  Well, as God would have it, we have a cell group  member (Dallas & Tara's group) who is a Nicaraguan.  Ernie and I have also met others who are from Nicaragua, but are living here in Guadalajara.  So we decided to throw a party - a Nicaragua party.  Connie & I cooked some Nicaraguan dishes we thought we could pull off and invited them over.  What a wonderful evening, talking about places, customs, food, when we all lived there, etc.  Nervous as Connie and I were, they all said the food was wonderful and that we should do this again!

Connie & I preparing

Fried cheese and fried plantain

Frying the cheese and heating the Gallo pinto (rice & beans)

New friends enjoying some good food from 'home'

table for 8

Pilar and I

Jorge (from Nicaragua) and his wife Teo (from Wiebe's cell)

Connie sharing memories 

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