Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I feel so blessed these days.  Why?  Well, for many reasons.  Firstly, how can one but feel blessed when they can sit on their patio before noon and enjoy a cup of coffee?  No jackets, no chill at all.  With blue skies, bright sunshine, and the sound of birds and palm trees.  WOW!  That is a blessing coming from a Manitoban who hates the word 'wind chill' passionately.  Who can not be thankful for such a gift?

Then there is the blessing of the people who God has placed in my life.  Someone, sort of tongue and cheek, (I think), made the comment that she hoped that Mexican's knew how to celebrate my birthday.  Well, let me tell is us, from the North, who don't know how to celebrate!  I made an error (which I got told repeatedly was an error, and was not to repeat).  What was the error?  Not announcing that it was my birthday!  Here you let everyone know that it is your birthday so that it CAN be celebrated.  

The CHICAS VIVO - ladies from the gym
They celebrated me with a wonderful breakfast together.  These are the ladies I see daily at the gym.  A wonderful morning.  
Chicas Coto - my neighbour ladies
Then I went for breakfast with the neighbour ladies.  Within my coto we celebrate almost a birthday a month.  Several of the ladies were absent but we still celebrated 2 birthdays: myself, and the lady sitting beside me in the photo - Tina.  
At the gym the coaches came together, to wish me happy birthday, and treated me to a beverage from the restaurant - a healthy green juice.  Throughout the morning those who Ernie had told wished me a Happy Birthday and gave me a hug.  
A friend from the gym was throwing himself a party for his birthday, which just happened to be on the very same day as mine, and the very same year!  So he said, you better come and we will all celebrate together!
Juan Manuel and I - January 9, 1966
It was a good year!
Really, to be frank, Mexican's need very little excuse to celebrate and throw a party.  Today the sun is out - let's party!  Today it's not out - let's party!  That may sound over stated but it is basically how it is.  They use any excuse to get together and 'convivir'.  That is a wonderful word that truly describes these people. But to give it the same flavour in English?  I have looked it up in the dictionary: live with, live together with, get along with, co-exist.  Doesn't really make you want do this.  Basically it mean to share your life with.  Much like our word 'fellowship'.  

This is a culture that lives together with one another. It is communal in a sense.  How many gyms do you know of where the people interact with one another to the extent that at any given event some 40 people from the gym show up?  How can one not feel blessed to live with such an embracing people, who just open their arms, accept you, and want to 'convivir' with you!?  

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