Tuesday, 6 January 2015

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Making Memories ...2014
Jaycia pumping iron

Mike & Chris on the stationary bikes

One of the things we did daily was take the kids to the gym as that is a huge part of our day.  We did cut them some slack as we only went for 8 a.m. whereas we normally go for 7 a.m.  Due to the holidays, many of our regular friends were missing but they got to meet some and get a feel for what we are doing there.  They might have had a few sore muscles :)
Jaycee teaching the girls how to make turtles
Making banana cake

Sofie, Jaycia, Jordana, Alexandrina, Me and their finished products 
Jaycia and I invited the daughters of our friends from the gym over to learn how to make some desserts.  They came at 11 one Saturday morning and left around 3:30 with a sampling of what they made.  They got a double lesson as it was all in English (Jaycia happens to only speak that language) and they are all in bilingual schools.  A good morning but tiring.
Mike and Angel
We were able to introduce Mike to his Mexican counterpart or 'twin'.  Aside from the obvious similarities, hair, size, grin, etc they are also very like in character.  Every time we see Angel at the gym I think of Mike.

Since my birthday was right around the corner, still is, they decided to celebrate with a nice lunch.
A special treat was the Mariachi who sang the birthday song.

So many memories were made in those three short weeks.  I can not thank God enough for that gift.  Am I sad they are gone - of course - but as Chris likes to remind me - we chose to leave!  The world seems smaller with technology and so we continue to connect over the miles.  I would have never imagined that we would all be together over Christmas, so I am thankful.  God is Good - always!

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  1. So wonderful that you could be together!
    What a gift!!