Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

As I remember the beginning of this year I can hardly believe a whole year has passed.  Last January we were saying good bye to our children and driving, in a blizzard, towards Mexico. We cried and cried and wondered what on earth we were doing.  This Saturday we will be doing something very similar, saying good bye to our children, but this time at the airport (the leaving date is identical).

When I look back over 2014 I am amazed and feel truly blessed by God.  In faith, we left for Guadalajara, not knowing what was in store for us.  In faith we left our children and God has taken care of them.   In faith we looked for connections here in Guadalajara and God has been so very faithful and given us new friends and family here.  2014 was a year of beginnings, of change, of stretching and of growing.  We are so looking forward to 2015 and what God has in store for us.

His blessings are of unimaginable - beyond what we can hope for.  I can not thank Him enough that our children could come visit us for three entire weeks!  We have played together, laughed together, enjoyed some great meals together and even celebrated my birthday early together!  It has been so wonderful I can not thank Him enough (I am overwhelmed).  Our home will be quiet and still once they leave.  We will miss the sound of Jaycia singing and laughing, we will miss the boys play fighting but mostly we will miss the ability to hug them and just having their physical presence.

May your 2015 be wonderful, filled with change, growth and may you live it to the fullest.  Don't leave words unsaid or hugs left ungiven.  Each day is a gift from God, live it for Him and to the fullest.  Wishing each and every one of you God's richest blessings in 2015

My Birthday celebration - Mariachi were an added gift

God gave our family an Angel

Ernie will miss these two kiddos

Always laughter with Mike and Chris - borderline crazy 

Mike and Jaycia

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