Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hockey Night in Mexico...

When our kids came out for Christmas they brought a huge box with them...filled with hockey sticks. We sure do thank West Jet for the free shipping and also Kleefeld EMC Monday night guys hockey group.  My sons have joined the Kleefeld boys on Monday nights to play shinny, as my brother Keith attends that church.  Dallas, a member of our church planting team, wanted to start an outreach ministry using hockey. I told him to let me check with my sons first.  Well we just happened to call them on a Monday night (the night Kleefeld plays) and within short order they had all thrown cash into a hat, did some begging, and the deal was done.

Well, unfortunately it did not work to play while our boys were out but this past Sunday we broke out the sticks and nets.  We set things up, got the guys onto teams, and they played a rousing game.  But the shock for me was that as soon as they guys took a break the ladies jumped right in and said it was their turn!  Another rousing game took place.  After another short break, it was open to anyone.  

We were amazed at how everyone enjoyed the game.  It brought us together instead of dividing us.  It was something everyone could play regardless of skill level.  And speaking of skill, my sons probably would have spent more time teaching how to hold a stick, how to shoot, etc.  But they had fun regardless.  Dallas & Ernie tried to keep things fun and to not get too intense.

So, although the NHL is probably not looking for us, we all had a wonderful afternoon playing a Canadian game.  We shared a part of our culture and they enjoyed it.  They wanted to make sure that the sticks would come out again.  That it should be something we do, often.  So, once again, thanks to the Kleefeld hockey guys (you know who you are), and thanks to West Jet for getting them to us - FREE.  

We plan to use these sticks to reach out.  When you think about Canada that's all winter and then some...think of Mexico and what we are trying to do.
Our resident American and Canadian getting ready
John - the goalie
Even the little ones tried it out! 
John's got the moves?
Great Game
The women took it pretty seriously too...

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