Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Yesterday I had an experience that made me think of the words above.  I thought of how tritely I say them, and how little I acknowledge how truly blessed I am.  If I were to count my blessings, listing them one by one, I would literally be here all day.  I realised after yesterday that I take for granted that I have food on my table, 3 times a day, and I can choose what that food is!! I have clothes on my back, also of my choosing.  I have a roof over my head, that keeps me safe, warm and dry.  I was raised in a generational loving home that loved Jesus. I have health. I have, I have, I have.  But do I realise what a blessing those things are?  Do I acknowledge that not everyone has those things, those basic things?

Where was I yesterday? Sid Reimer took me to the dump in Ixtapa, where he is trying to help people with these basic needs.  There I saw a community of people that LIVE on the dump and scavenge through other peoples garbage to try and make a living (mostly by collecting and reselling recyclables).  There, amidst the rubble, sits a small school house where Olga, our little 'mother Theresa' pours her life into children and a hurting community.  People like Sid and Olga try to help these people and try to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
A "Mexican Mother Theresa" - Olga
  Here are some other pics from my morning on the mountain.  Please pray for Olga. There are days when she wants to throw in the towel.  Pray for Sid Reimer as he tries to help out with resources; that he would have wisdom from on high to know when and how to best help.  Pray for the community that lives there. And while you are praying, thank God for his rich blessings on your life.  I know I did.
Sid and Olga trying to work out putting up a fence (Ernie translating)
Explaining to the labourer where to dig the post holes

A young Seven Day Adventist missionary who teaches the small children
Olga teaching the Junior High students
We in the Western World are are blessed, or cursed, with abundance.  We tritely say things like 'clean your plate, there are people starving in Africa'.  But there actually are people starving, or just struggling daily to get by, to survive.  I saw first hand this struggle and I was reminded that I am blessed.  I was reminded to give thanks, to be generous, to be thankful for having been raised by loving parents who provided for me.  To be grateful for a mother who loved me.

No matter where we live there is probably someone nearby who is hurting and who doesn't have basic needs being met.  Not all of us are called to that ministry but we are commanded to be grateful.  I was reminded of that fact this week and am truly grateful for the reminder.  

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