Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mission Ex with Steinbach Bible College

For those of your who are not on Facebook, here is a little update of our time so far with the Mission Ex students from Steinbach Bible College.  They are here for three weeks, to experience, to taste, to see (to learn) and to explore another culture.  They will be learning what it is like to do cross-cultural missions. They are probably feeling a bit stretched already but have been willing to try.  Pray with us that God will work in their hearts and lives.  Here are some pictures from their time so far...
Who wouldn't want fried grasshoppers for Valentine's Day?
Lynette chatting with Julieta at our Sunday Fellowship time
Carl and Juan chatting, with Robyn listening in...
and floor hockey going on in the back!
Celebrating 2 birthdays with cake... and candles...!
Testimony and singing time
SBC students perform the 'Via Dolorosa' skit
what's a birthday in Mexico without a PiƱata?
Lynette and Cassandra chatting at the 'convivio' 

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