Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Update and MissionX

So let me update you all as to what has been happening and what is on the docket. For those of you who didn't know, Ernie left at the end of January for Alberta, where he taught a weekend course for Berean Schools. Although he left SBC over a year ago, he still enjoys teaching and so teaches the odd course for Berean. Then, since he was already in Canada, he hopped on over to Steinbach for a few days to do some connecting... .... 
Ernie and Jessy (my dear friend and the dean of women at SBC)
While he was reconnecting with old friends, visiting family, watching our son play hockey (caught the last two games of regular season - both W's), and just having a great old time with our sons, I was not exactly lallygagging around. Shortly after he left, a guest arrived from home. So I did some touring around with Carol and Emilie, (a new friend who is here to visit a missionary friend of mine).

Carol and Emilie in Chapala 
I also headed to the gym every morning for my workout and chatting with friends, celebrated a birthday with the Coto ladies, went to cell, hosted missionary ladies Bible study and the usual everyday activities.  Life here is busy and fulfilling.

What is on deck?  Tomorrow evening the SBC MissionX team arrives.  The new missions prof, Carl Loewen, and 7 students will be spending three weeks with us.  They will spend the first 4 days here in GDL and then Ernie and I will take them to Ixtapa where we will meet mission board member, Sid Reimer.  We will be down there for 2 weeks joining up with other missionaries and their ministries.  The students will also be billeted in national homes, during part of their stay, to experience Mexican culture up close. Finally, we will all return to GLD for the wind up.

So, we covet your prayers for safety, team bonding and unity, and that our team here would be able to share the vision for missions, abroad and where ever we find ourselves.  

I will try to post an update from Ixtapa next week.

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