Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Even the trees are happy in Ixtapa
So, we have returned from Ixtapa with MissionX and are finishing off their time here in GDL.  It was a good two weeks there, enjoying the pleasantly warm, so as not to say HOT weather.  The students, and Carl, got to join many different ministries as well as be hosted in national homes.  They were stretched during this time as they had limited Spanish (only 6 wks, which translates about 12 hours).  Ernie and I frequently split up with the differing groups to help with translation, 
Ernie translating as Carl preached Sunday morning
except during billet time.  I was stretched during this time, as I have never considered myself a good translator, and hate to do a disservice to the speaker.  God was good and I think I did a 'fair to midlin' job.  
Day at the beach - sun tanning!
We had a few visitors while we were done in Ixtapa:
Silvia & I
One of our good friends from the gym, Sigrid, texted me while we were there and told me her mother was in Ixtapa.  We had met her a few times prior, so we gave her a call and spent a late afternoon with her.  Then came a surprise visit....
Oh them Koops
Yep, Mel and Mary showed up at our hotel with their son Barry and his wife Tracey.  We enjoyed an evening with them over supper.

My last pondering is something I saw on FaceBook, which I have copied below...

I can saw that I honestly feel this way.  I often (in posts) put the word 'home' in quotations marks, because where is 'home'?  I feel wrong saying it's Steinbach, although have often felt that it should be because my folks are there, but yet is isn't quite home.  Mexico has been home for several years.  I have also lived in Texas, in Colorado, and Nicaragua.  In each place I have lived I have left a piece of my heart due to the rich relationships I have been fortunate enough to have built.  Right now home is GDL, and I was so glad to arrive there after 2 weeks of being away.  I missed my own bed, but mostly my 'family' here. 

That said, in Ixtapa I was a little nostalgic and missed my kiddos.

Did a little sand art, thinking of my children.  We had had so much fun in Vallarta on the beach, being on a beach again made me miss them.  So maybe, 'home' will be wherever they are.  But God is good.  He hears my heart and meets my cries.  I feel blessed to be 'home' in so many places and love the many opportunities He gives to serve Him.

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