Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Do you Miss Home?

I often get asked if I miss anything from home...seeing as I live in another country.  The first time I immediately said 'my kids'.  That, I would think, would be a no brainer.  I have a mother's heart and I long to be near my kids.  That said, they are settled and and doing well.  They don't want to live here.

But, I get asked this often, and now reply with 'other than the obvious?'  To be very honest, other than people, there is very little I miss from 'home'.  I think I would admit that I miss the availability of gluten free products.  I thought they were expensive in Canada?  No, they are expensive here!  Over 10 dollars for a loaf of gluten free bread, and it's not even Udi's :(  Along those lines, I also miss pizza - to be exact - Boston Pizza's gluten free pizza.  

I get over those longings and cravings quite quickly when I get served a delicious plate of tacos!  Mexico has the BEST food!  It is actually NOTHING like Taco Bell at all.  The hidden reason I go to the gym every day is so that I can eat more tacos, not to get skinny!  

There is one more thing I miss, and it is probably weird.  I miss having a Dollar Store.  But it doesn't send my crying to my room that I don't have one!

There are things that you just can't get here, which we all ask to have sent when guests come.  The standard request is for brown sugar.  Their brown sugar just doesn't do what ours does - make a syrupy goo for your cinnamon buns.  We can't get jello puddings.  Haven't found a whip cream that whips like it does at home, but whip cream they have.  There are some other things that I would like, that I can get here, but the are pricey.  But most things I either make do without, or decide how bad I want them. It is truly amazing what you can do without.

When I sit and ponder living in Guadalajara, I feel truly blessed.  I have been homesick, but only for people.  I have really not longed for things from 'home'.  

Is there something that you just 'couldn't live without'?  If so what would it be and to what lengths would you go to get it? Is there something you would move heaven and earth to get?  


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  2. Hey Diane, thanks for writing again. I really enjoy reading about your life over there, you do it in a very unique and interesting way. Your boys of course make fun of me for reading your blog, but oh well. Though they also think it's "so crum" that I have a bookshelf, with books on it that I own and have actually read. Say hi to Ernie from and can you tell me what Dallas and Tara's blog is? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Ian, sent you an email. Thanks for reading and sharing. Blessings

    2. what email address did you send it to? my address is I haven't seen anything yet.

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