Sunday, 5 April 2015

Facebook Posts - Day 2

Penelope and Alegra with me

On Thursday, April 3, we joined people from our cells for a pool day in Chapala (about an hour from GDL).  We had a great lunch, if Connie, Rick and I do say so ourselves (the bbqer's ). Then they played in the pool and just enjoyed the wonderful day together. 

Ernie enjoys playing with the kiddos.  I am actually not sure who had more fun, Ernie or Alegra and Sofie?  Much laughter was shared.  I think he must be praying a blessings of many babies on his kids so he can spoil a bunch of grandkids.

John, Roy and Connie

Ana (Roy's wife) and Penny

Connie, John, Rick and Roy

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