Thursday, 30 April 2015

Instant Millionaire

Recently a lady from my hometown became an instant millionaire, which got me thinking about what I would do if I won a million (or more).  I must admit that the odds are not good given that I don't buy lottery tickets!  However, many of us have fantasised about being independently wealthy! So, as I pondered this, I asked others what they would do.  It was interesting to hear their thoughts...

One wanted to travel around the world, another talked about buying a house, while a third talked about paying off debts.  It was a nice conversation, as we dreamt about the possibilities together.  Yet, in the end, one of the ladies said that her dad had always said 'in the end, its just words.'  

Now, one always thinks that they would be noble, altruistic, and extremely generous with others.  My husband once said he would 'reverse tithe'  (live on 10% and give 90% to charity).  But as I thought about this, trying to be honest, I came up with a list of things I would do (I think) - who really knows what one would actually do...

1.  I would buy a house - one that would meet our needs. One where we could entertain lots of people in. Right now I would buy it in Mexico, however, that could change. Then the actual house dream is huge and can go all over the place.

2. I would help out my kids, pay their mortgages, university fees, etc. SO that they would be ahead and be more free to make life choices.

3. I would make a slush fund to be able to travel to visit my kids or pay of them to come visit me.

4. I would set up an account that I could live off the interest.

5. I would tithe - to my church, SBC and EMC.

I would most likely get someone with money smarts to help me use it wisely. I say that because I have heard that many, who win the lottery, end up worse off after it is all said and done. Since I have never had huge amounts of money (plus thinking of what scripture says about money) I would be careful. Well, since I don't buy tickets, it likely won't ever happen.  However, it is interesting to think about, and to hear other people dream or talk about.

What would you do? Or maybe a better question is, would you actually want to become an instant millionaire?

-Diane Koop

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