Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Honor thy mother....

Back row-left to right: Fanny, Tere, Gayathri, Me, Connie, Teo, Ale, Sandra, Penny
front row-left to right: Ana, Tara & Veronica
This past Sunday, 17th, we had our regular 'convivio' with our cell groups.  It was decided to celebrate 'Mom's' as Mother's Day had just past.  We were asked to bring photos of our moms and be willing to share something about our mothers.  Penelope gave us a lovely challenge on being godly mothers, or, if you were not a mother, being a godly woman.  We were challenged to be willing to share our life experiences with younger moms and be willing to receive from older women as well.  

This wonderful time of sharing, and being challenged from God's Word, was followed by some great food and just hanging out with each other.  We are blessed with a wonderful church family.  Please pray for them as they come to mind. Each one of us walks a path others may know nothing about.  We need to carry each other before the throne.
Sandra (mama to be) and Omar
Esteban and Omar
Richard and Esteban
Ana and her daughter Paulina
Juan and his son Fer (wife and daughter above)
Jorge (our friendly Nicaraguan) his wife Teo and son Mario
Our lovely speaker - Penelope
What a wonderful Sunday we had together.  [Sorry for you Canadians that had snow:( ]  We live in a wonderful place, with great people, who make the 'bestest' friends.

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