Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Running the Race

We have been going to the gym for just over a year now.  I am constantly amazed at how my coach can find new muscles.  I had this ignorant thought that after the initial weeks, I would somehow be 'in-shape' and pain free.  Not so.  They seem to have found a way to remind me that I am not 100% in shape.

Every 2 months we get an evaluation by a coach.  They weigh you, measure you, measure your fat, check your cardio, and check your flexibility.  This turns into a 'score' indicating your level of fitness. Once that is accomplished your personal coach creates a new routine for you.  I am shocked every time at how many new muscles he has found!

Ernie was getting low marks in flexibility so he decided to join a weekly yoga class, and found that this is no easy class.  It looked easy from the mezzanine but felt completely different when doing it.  He was quite sore after that first class!

I also have joined a class called 'tono muscular' (muscle tone).  My teacher, Nelson, might just be a torturer in secret.  I am done after 45 minutes in his class.

But, we keep at it, even joining the occasional race.  There are different races held all over GDL every weekend.  John, Connie and Dallas have also joined several.  This last Sunday Ernie and I joined one that our gym hosted to support and raise funds for single mothers.
5K Run

While thinking about my physical body, and all its muscles (not to mention how soar they become after a workout) I can't help but think of the parallel to our spiritual life.  How many of our spiritual muscles are weak from lack of use?  How many are we even unaware of?  Many people give their physical bodies a workout, and they make it a priority.  Do we feel the same need in the spiritual realm?  Do we do the heavy lifting necessary to have strong spiritual lives?  Or, are we content to carry around the 'spare tire'?

The apostle Paul also compares the spiritual life to a race. As you might guess, neither of us 'won' the race on Sunday (in the sense of coming in 1st), but we both finished it... and well ahead of the street sweeper! In the spiritual life its not about doing well in certain segments of the race, or coming in 1st, but rather its about finishing well, and also using the gifts and resources God has given us. That requires dedication, commitment, and keeping our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith.    

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