Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Are you gonna die 'with your boots on'?

Sid Reimer and Ernie
You may have seen this pic on a past blog - you should have if you read regularly.  Since we just spent another week with Sid, he is on my mind.  Sid is another one of those people who could have written on his headstone, "He died with his boots on". And I hope I can model him in that respect.

Sid and his wife Gladys vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico every year and have for some 18 years (not a bad model to want to follow, but that is not the part I mean).  However,  Sid is not one to just sit around and enjoy the view, he likes to be busy.  What keeps him busy while he is vacationing?  Plenty!  His major focus is the ministry at the garbage dump.  There is a whole community of people living up on the dump (as there are in probably most garbage dumps throughout Latin America or maybe even most of the developing world) trying to eek out a living, collecting recyclables.  It is a sad thing to see, children rifling through garbage.  Sid, along with many others, have tried to stop the cycle of poverty and destitution.  They have built a school and have a wonderful 'Mexican Mother Theresa' who teaches them.  They try to get as many as they can to finish their Junior High so that they can go to High School in town.  The goal being to get them off the dump and to the possibility of a better quality of life.
Sid, Gord, Ernie, Olga and the people from Ixtapa Azul Hotel
The School with the play structure
Some other things Sid has gotten involved with are an old folks home and an orphanage.  With some help from a work team from Canada they have built a lovely home for the aged with live-in care.  He also has a deep love for those who are in another home for the completely abandoned old folks.  He greets the elderly by name when he visits and you can see the love he has for them.  He does not do this all by himself, however. There are some wonderful missionary folks, that are actively involved, plus many of the tourists that come alongside and aid in these ministries, both with finances and hands on help.
Sid and Ernie visiting with the elderly
Gord sharing treats with the elderly
Gord greeting at the newly built seniors home
At this home they have a physical therapist that volunteers 2-3 times a week
So when I say that Sid is gonna die with his boots on, I mean he is gonna serve His Lord and Saviour till he gets called home, or Jesus returns to take us all home.  There are ALWAYS ways to serve the Lord. There is ALWAYS work to be done!  Whether you are young, with tons of energy, or retired.  Let us be faithful till He comes again. Let's be an army of people who serve till the end.

More photos from our time in Ixtapa.  Please pray for this ministry, for the people pictured who are serving and ministering to the needy.  
Gord, Elsa (Cristian's wife), Ernie
Cristian, missionary, works with youth
Sid, Betty & John Sullivan (missionaries)
Ernie, Olga (dump school teacher), Cindy (missionary at the dump), Gord and Sid

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