Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blessed by One Another

Have you ever wanted to be part of a group that stretched you? Grew you? That had an environment in which growth was stimulated? Where your views could be challenged by others, and you could challenge theirs, without risk of rejection? Where all questions were allowed and encouraged? Where mutual respect could be found? 

I have been a part of such a group and am now blessed with having found (created) one such group again. We are a group of 4 couples; small and intimate. We are all people of faith and we want to be challenged in said faith. The label or title we each call ourselves by may differ but common ground and respect have given us a base to grow from together.

We longed to form such a group here in Mexico. We had made a lot of friends but knew that inviting anybody and everybody would most likely not work. How to do it? Ask someone. We met with good friends of ours, who we thought could speak into this, as well as might be willing to participate. They gave us great advice, even on who they thought would be good candidates from our friends at the gym.

We began by seeking out those specific people and asking them if they would be interested, then we met at our place over a month ago to discuss what we were each anticipating and desiring. We all agreed on the time, place, frequency and commitment. We began by getting together to introduce ourselves more personally, in hopes of building a firm foundation.  

We have spent several evenings together, ending rather late in the evening (or is that morning?)! We have talked, questioned, opinionated, probed... and we have only just begun. We all seem to leave with the same feeling, 'WOW! what a good evening.' We leave longing for the next meeting.  

We have now decided to work our way through the gospel of John.  We plan to take it verse by verse, in no big hurry. We anticipate rich discussions, insightful questions, and looking at how it should affect how we live. We look forward to Wednesdays.

If you don't have such a group, I strongly suggest you find one or create one. The Scriptures encourage us to gather together, to work out our faith, to mature, to become like Christ. We are to live in such a way that others ask us about the faith that lies within. Iron sharpens iron. We can't grow in a greenhouse or alone. Find people who want to grow, who want to be challenged, who desire to be stretched. Read the Word together and ask questions that stimulate growth. You will be richly rewarded.  

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