Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Ixtapa, Mexico
We just happen to live in a wonderful part of Mexico.  Chihuahua was nice but once you had been to Creel, Basasiachi, Copper Canyon... well, you had pretty much seen it all! It is a desert after all.  Not so with Jalisco; there is so much to see, and all so very close. If time and money were not an issue - oh the places we would go! and the people we would see!

That said, one also needs to factor in my husband.  Ernie is not much of a holiday person.  He doesn't mind going places, he just needs more of a reason that to just take holidays. Sitting on a beach for two weeks does not make for a good time for him.

So how did we end up in these pictures?  On a beautiful beach? You may remember in a former post that Sid Reimer holidays here in Ixtapa every year.  Well, he is very much like Ernie, in that holidays mean, giving, doing, helping, serving... not sitting on a beach.  So, Sid is here with a friend from his church, Gordie, to check up on things done this winter and keep things moving.  When Ernie heard about this, he right away asked if they needed a translator.  So here we are, taking a holiday, and meeting the missionaries and people working here in Ixtapa with the marginalised.
I have enjoyed relaxing and doing some reading.  We have enjoyed visiting with Sid and Gordie.  We have reconnected with the missionaries down here: hearing their stories, their challenges, their joys and sorrows. They say,  "A change is often as good as a rest".  Also, nothing like seeing abject poverty to give you perspective on life.

We serve in a wealthy area of Mexico, living amongst the middle class, and that has it's joys and sorrows.  The fields are ripe unto harvest all across the world.  The workers are few, the task large.  Some are in full time ministry, others give blocks of time, some give financially, others go abroad.  All are needed.  We are a team.  It is a blessing to serve and to see others who serve.
Gordie, Elsa, and Ernie


Let me explain the pictures:  Above is Ernie sitting with Gordie (Sid's friend and fellow supporter of the work in Ixtapa).  They are sitting with Elsa the wife of Cristian (pictured on the right).  They are a young couple who do youth work in Zhihuateno (city 10 min. out of Ixtapa). They are a wonderful couple, and passionate about reaching young people.  Pray for them as they serve down here.

Below is Sid Reimer (Fort Garry EMC) and John and Betty Sulivan.  They are dedicated workers in the vineyard.  They work with old folks, kids, the people living at the dump; the marginalised of all kinds.  Sid comes alongside them and supports their ministry with his projects.

We brought SBC students here to these projects to work together with them (2013 & 2015).  So many opportunities in which to serve.  We have been blessed to meet and serve with these people.
Sid, Betty and John

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